"The Organ Donor" by Scarlett Fox

Hi ! I went away for awhile to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and visited the Haunted House. I went back to my cabin at Westgate and wrote this 88 page script. It is haunted and scary and a Sci-Fy thriller ! You will love it. It moves fast, a very quick read you can't put down, and has 5 well developed characters. One is an Orgre (a one eyed monster with an eye in the middle of his head), and two candy stripers with a very good looking Indie doctor in his middle (50)s experimenting with removing organs from corpses and surgically placing them in the patients. Corneas, Cochleas, brains, tongue in the patients who needed the organ. It has an organ donor delivery guy who becomes acquainted with Bambi a candy striper and develops into an affair with her. Turns out one of the weirdest endings you will ever read. Seems there was a lady missing and the repaired patients piece the clues together to solve who the killer is. An excellant idea for a Sci-fy ghouly movie. You will love it! See ya, Scarlett Fox



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Posted 2 months ago