Production company looking for a script

Hello, I am currently working in a production company in Kazakhstan. We're looking for a short movie script(15~ pages at least). If we like the script, I will pitch it to the producer and we'll get the process going. I know that my country may sound unknown to you(except Borat), but we are highly focused on participating in international festivals. We have good equipment, people and financial help. Note that movie-making in Kazakhstan is cheaper than in USA, so your script has a high chance to see the light. We are mainly looking for art-house/philosophical themes, but will take a look at every script we get. I know that some people may be afraid for having their work stolen, but I can give you nothing but my word, unless we can have some kind of papers signed online. If you have no script, but think that you have a good imagination, there is also an option of writing the script based on OUR idea. I can explain it to you personally. The credits still be yours, as it is only a logline.


Scripts Or Writers Wanted


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