Diamonds & Emeralds Series

I am the Author of The Diamond & Emeralds Series and am looking for a producer to make these scripts in a series for TV or just make some sagas or sequels to the series. The unique thing is they can also be used independently and sold separately as a movie. I have eight 100 page complete scripts with full features for Hollywood. I will finish the series soon, and you can read the series soon. I numbered them in my profile, and you can change the whole name of the series to GENERATIONS an adaptation from the Diamonds & Emeralds Series. This is the order you need to read them: 1.) The Gypsy's Curse ( a possible Pilot for the series) SCI- Fy 2.) The Tiger's Eye SCI-Fy 3.) To Walk A Christian Path; Drama-family 4.) Military Families SCI-Fy- Family 5.) Generations Drama- family 6.) The California Heist- SCI-Fy / Horror 7.) The Kentucky Derby Drama-sports 8.) The Organ Donor 9.) Kissing Cousins SCI-Fy 10.) Dream Keepers SCI-Fy


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Posted 3 months ago