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Looking for WGA screenwriter to tweak a completed screenplay
Scripts Or Writers Wanted

Looking for WGA screenwriter to tweak a completed screenplay on the peace movement of the '60s. A drama-romance true story. The script is based on my completed book, I REFUSE TO KILL, which will be coming out in November. Logline: Threatened with a five-year prison term, a peace activist struggles with his Virginia draft board to be recognized a...

Production company looking for scripts under 15 pages
Scripts Or Writers Wanted

Hi friends. My name is Josh and I am a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic/Filmmaker from MA. My video company is just me and a few friends trying to make the best quality content we can. We focus mainly on horror but I want to shoot a wide range of things to keep improving my skill set. I plan on hitting festivals and trying to grow as much as possibl...

Production company looking for a script
Scripts Or Writers Wanted

Hello, I am currently working in a production company in Kazakhstan. We're looking for a short movie script(15~ pages at least). If we like the script, I will pitch it to the producer and we'll get the process going. I know that my country may sound unknown to you(except Borat), but we are highly focused on participating in international festivals....


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