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Screenwriter, Actor, Voice-over Artist, Co-owner of Intangible Pictures Christopher Stapleton
Christopher Stapleton
Writer: Plays, Novels, Screenplays, Screen Shorts, Sitcoms Ron Micci
Ron Micci
screenwriter, playwright Rollin Jewett
Rollin Jewett
screenwriter Robert Cole
Robert Cole
writer translator tourguide movie maker Eliyahu and Esther Kaye
Eliyahu and Esther Kaye
writer Bernhard Riedhammer
Bernhard Riedhammer
Screenwriter Barry John Terblanche
Barry John Terblanche
Writer, Law Enforcement, Private Investigator James C Schlicker
James C Schlicker
writer Charles Musgrove
Charles Musgrove
writer Robert Drusetta
Robert Drusetta
writer Serge Korski
Serge Korski
writer Arina Bourgogne
Arina Bourgogne
writer anton diether
anton diether
Writer in the industry; Series:  "Diamonds  &  Emeralds" Retired Speech Pathologist MS-CCC-SLP Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox
writer Eve Hands
Eve Hands
Writer James Palmer
James Palmer
writer Jerry Robbins
Jerry Robbins
writer Rick Galbraith
Rick Galbraith
Screenwriter - Actor - Voice Artist Marqus Bobesich
Marqus Bobesich
Writer/Director Kenneth Chapman
Kenneth Chapman