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The Department of Theatre is looking for original short film script submissions for consideration of production in May of 2022. This is an annual film production opportunity in collaboration with the students and faculty of the Department of Theatre. If selected, your script will go through the entire production process: Development, Pre-Production, Principle Photography, Post-Production, and Distribution (submitted for film festivals in the professional category.) You are expected to be available (either in person or via video conference) for two development meetings in Fall Semester 2021, and one in early Spring Semester 2022. These are primarily for script notes, which are also expected to be addressed. Submissions will be accepted now through September 15th, 2021. SCRIPT GUIDELINES: Scripts should be between 10 - 20 pages in standard screenplay format. There must be 7-10 roles in the film (think ensemble pieces). The characters should be aged between 16 - 30 years old. No driving with dialogue scenes. Some stunts are okay, but should be relatively limited. Limited special effects requirements. Limited visual effects requirements. No period pieces at this time. Open to a variety of genres or styles as long as it adheres to the guidelines above. SELECTION PROCESS: Each script will be read by the Film Initiative Selection Panel. Final notifications will be made by October 15th 2021. COMPENSATION: The writer of the selected script will receive a $500 honorarium. SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete the Form Submission and attach your screenplay with no identifying information. These are blind submissions, meaning, the pdf of your script should not have your name on the cover sheet or any other part of the document. Make sure your script includes a title page with the title of the film only. Global majority, female, and LGBTQI+ strongly encouraged to apply. If you have any questions, please email Ryan.


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