Fashion based scripts

Fashion based scripts

I am looking for Short, Documentary, and feature related to Fashion. We are a fashion media Production Company with a number of award-winning shorts on the international festival scene. I am available to discuss ideas, I have several that need to be finished and need a script to do so. See Roman summer and Southern Glen are needed. Roman summer- IDEA: Man/ or woman flies back to the US and remembers the love left behind in Rome... Southern Glen - Setting, see the trailer, Southern plantation, ( historically, this was a nursery where the founder used early photography ( early 1900 to catalog magnolia plants and submit his photographers to horticulture magazines) a full silver plate photgra[hic lab is still on the property. Modern-day photographer (woman) visits and encounters Models throughout the property- ( maybe a dream ) relates to fashion photography today and the models/equipment of days gone by) needs script - punch line to finish I would like dialogue/ interaction. (Usually missing in fashion shorts) Please reach out.

Award winner fashion filmmaker, looking for both short and feature scrips. Michel jaumin, Hdworldmedia productions


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30th April 2022
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