Director seeking Short Script to Produce

Director seeking Short Script to Produce

Hello Everyone. My name is Nick. I'm a director and producer from Canada. I am currently seeking a short script to do within the next month or two. I have a great team of people behind me including cinematographer, sound tech and another producer and we are itching to make something new while we are in pre-production for an upcoming feature. As a Director and Producer I have seen my projects go on to win awards, get distribution and have many reviews written about them. most recently we had a short added to Amazon Prime. Please take a look at the information below for specific details. Really open to any genre, However I will prioritize DRAMA, DRAMEDY and COMING OF AGE This is a low budget request that is being self funded by myself. Ideally the script is mainly interior with limited exterior. LOW BUDGET Writer compensation (dollar amount) - $200CAD (Paid by ETRANSFER if local or PAYPAL) Basic Locations, Standard House/Apartment. I have a huge network of actors. Could fill any role. Full crew with studio grade gear. We shoot on Red and have a large lens kit. Sound mixer, light techs, etc. This will ideally be submitted to festivals globally. I will work at getting press/reviews just like past films and will try to seek out distribution. Please direct all scripts to email. Please include a Log Line and Synopsis. Any information you think would be helpful for me about you and the script. Include a writing sample as well please. This could be the script you're submitting or just a several page sample of your work. I look forward to your email! I hope to work together!

Experienced Director and producer. links to film reviews of my work posted below.


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